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Yarrow Herb -

Yarrow Herb


You've probably seen it many times without realizing how positive it can be for your body. Yarrow herb (Achillea millefolium) was already described in ancient Greece, and used by herbalists in various parts of the world long before. Of course, only the one from clean areas should be used as a medicinal plant, not the first random perennial growing along the road or in the square in the middle of the city.

How does yarrow herb work on the body?
In herbal medicine, it is used both internally and externally. You can draw from a lot of unique properties:
- supports the treatment of inflammation of the digestive tract helps in the healing of gastric and duodenal ulcers
- improves appetite, regulates bile secretion
- stimulates blood circulation when applied to the skin, it has an astringent and antiseptic effect, it was formerly used to speed up wound healing inhibits internal microbleeding
- has estrogenic properties, therefore it brings relief in women's ailments: irregular, painful menstruation and troublesome symptoms of menopause
- prevents colds and improves the functioning of the immune system
- has an antioxidant effect
- relieves pain and inflammation of the eye
- Yarrow infusion is a great addition to bathing babies
- has a mild sedative effect
- has a diuretic effect
- mouthwash will reduce inflammation of the gums

Who is the yarrow herb especially recommended for?
Due to its known properties, folk medicine recommended yarrow herb as a typically female herb for various types of common ailments; suffering from problems with ulcers, bleeding and inflammation of the mucous membranes of both the gastrointestinal tract and the respiratory system or bladder, and for use on dermatitis. Introducing yarrow infusion to your diet will work positively on many levels.

Additional information Product description Due to its complete frost resistance, it can be found all over Europe, in Poland it is common - it can be found in almost every meadow, field, by the road, both in the lowlands and in the mountains. Young leaves have a bitter-salty, spicy taste and pleasant smell. It helps to reduce bleeding in heavy menstruation and in the care of all wounds and skin lesions.

How to use it?
Infusion: one teaspoon of the herb should be poured with a glass of hot water. Leave for 20 minutes to infuse, then strain. It is recommended to drink the infusion twice a day for half a glass at regular intervals.

Contraindications Discontinue in case of allergies. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating women.

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