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Yunnan Silver Screw - White Tea -

Yunnan Silver Screw - White Tea


Indulge in the smooth and luxurious flavors of Yunnan Silver Screw white tea, one of the most unique and highly prized teas in China. This tea is made from the unopened buds of the Camellia sinensis plant, which are carefully handpicked in the spring from the Yunnan province in southwestern China.

Yunnan Silver Screw white tea boasts a rich yet delicate flavor profile with notes of honey and a slight earthy aroma. It is naturally low in caffeine and high in antioxidants, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a relaxing and indulgent tea.

In addition to its delicious taste, Yunnan Silver Screw white tea is renowned for its numerous health benefits. It has been shown to promote relaxation, improve digestion, and support a healthy immune system. Its high levels of antioxidants also help to fight free radicals and reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

When it comes to brewing Yunnan Silver Screw white tea, it is best to use water that is just below boiling (around 170°F to 180°F) and steep for 3-5 minutes. This tea is best enjoyed on its own or with a light snack to complement its rich and smooth flavors.

Overall, Yunnan Silver Screw white tea is a rare and indulgent tea that offers both exceptional taste and numerous health benefits. Treat yourself to its smooth and luxurious flavors and experience the benefits of this precious tea for yourself.

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