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Wedding Confetti Mix No. 01 "Autumn" -

Wedding Confetti Mix No. 01 "Autumn"


Our confetti mix no. 1 "Autumn" is a work of art, with each piece carefully crafted from the finest petals of aromatic rose, lavender, and heather, handpicked for their beauty, fragrance, and color. We understand the importance of capturing special moments, and our confetti mix no. 1 creates stunning shots that will become cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Our confetti is not just any confetti - it's a celebration of nature, love, and sustainability. We believe in creating beauty without harming the environment, and our 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly, and natural confetti is the perfect example of that.

But our confetti isn't just about throwing - it's about creating something that's uniquely yours. With our range of petals and flowers, you can create your own dream confetti blend that perfectly matches your style and vision. Whether you're going for a romantic, rustic, or bohemian vibe, our confetti will add that extra touch of magic to your celebration.

We're passionate about sustainability and believe that every small choice we make can make a big impact. By choosing our natural confetti, you're not only creating beautiful memories, but you're also making a conscious choice to protect our planet for future generations.

So, let's celebrate in style and in harmony with nature. Choose our confetti for your next celebration and let's create something beautiful together.

Every Confetti is 100% Biodegradable, Eco friendly, Completely Natural & Pretty!

Confetti is sent to you in a re - sealable bag which if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, will keep for months, although we generally advise you to buy confetti 6-12 months in advance to reduce the risk of color fade.

Single litres are sold without cones and will serve approx 10 - 12 guests depending on your method of distribution.

Most of confetti cones hold 80 mls - 100mls. It may help to use the guide below (based on 80ml cones).

1 Litre = 12 Guests

2 Litres = 24 Guests

3 Litres = 36 Guests

4 Litres = 48 Guests

5 Litres = 60 Guests

6 Litres = 72 Guests

7 Litres = 84 Guests

8 Litres = 96 Guests

9 Litres = 108 Guests

10 Litres = 120 Guests

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Customer Reviews

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It's lovely and the colors are as pictured...

It's lovely and the colors are as pictured. I ordered no 1 and no 26 for reference. Each photo shows both of the petals, it's just different lighting. The seller was able to accommodate my rush order, answered promptly, and was very fair.

My only complaint is that because of the very far distance my petals have what I feel is a lot of dust from being rustled in the shipping process. The box did not have any protection inside, and I personally wouldn't expect it to need it but I think maybe it really did. So a little suggestion for the seller there, add a little padding to all 4 sides. I think even just a little bit would help.

So yes I'm very pleased with this purchase! And brides, this is LIGHT. I'm going to use origami paper to make my toss cones!

Alles super schnell versendet und super sc...

Alles super schnell versendet und super schöne Blüten.

Smells absolutely amazing too !

Smells absolutely amazing too !

They smell wonderful as well

They smell wonderful as well

Bons produits mais le vendeur les a envoyé...

Bons produits mais le vendeur les a envoyés très tard après la commande donc je ne les ai pas eus à temps. Je m'y étais pourtant prises longtemps à l'avance.