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Senna Leaf -

Senna Leaf


Poor diet and rush usually contribute to indigestion and other unpleasant digestive problems. Then we reach for well-known laxatives or fennel infusions or products with fiber.

However, more and more often, healthy and natural methods are proposed for similar problems. Discover the natural laxative ingredient which is the senna leaf. This product has been known since the 12th century, when it was introduced to medicine by the Arabs. It comes in the form of leaves or fruits in large pods. It is an excellent remedy that can be used by people of all ages.

How does senna work?
Senna accelerates all reactions in the body and contributes to a better economy. It has many beneficial properties, including:

- causes an increase in water in the intestines, supports metabolism
- stimulates contractions of the colon, which facilitates the movement of food masses, and thus facilitates defecation
- prevents atonic constipation, habitual constipation or resulting from dietary errors
- is a cleansing agent, e.g. before research

Where is it applicable?
Of course, it plays a big role in medicine. Although it does not cure, it supports many important processes in the body. It usually comes in the form of bags with dried leaves, from which you can easily make various infusions and decoctions, but it is also often added to medicines and dietary supplements.

However, it should be remembered that despite its beneficial effects, it can only be used for a short period of time. Otherwise, your body will get used to the medicine quickly and you may experience so-called bowel lazy. It is worth drinking senna temporarily without fear, because it has been subjected to numerous clinical and pharmacological tests. If using senna from a bag, follow the instructions on the leaflet.

How to use senna?
The most popular form of using senna is to prepare an appropriate infusion from it. It is best to prepare it for the night, because the mechanism of action lasts several hours. It is good to apply it in the evening and wait for morning cleansing.

Infusion: pour a teaspoon of leaves with boiled water. Steep for 10 minutes covered. Drink 1 cup a day before bedtime.

Children under 12 years of age, not recommended for pregnant women and during breastfeeding.

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