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Rockrose Herb - Cistus Incanus Tea -

Rockrose Herb - Cistus Incanus Tea


Cistus is an inconspicuous plant that has been talked about more and more recently. And this is due to the versatile and beneficial effect it has on our body. In addition, the infusion is easy to prepare and tasty, thanks to which this herb can be an excellent alternative to traditional teas. The infusion prepared from cistus leaves changes its taste very easily under the influence of other ingredients, so you can add honey, xylitol, natural fruit juices or whole fruits to it.

Get to know the properties of cistus
There are many reasons why you should use cistus. This herb, although inconspicuously, has a positive effect on our body.

The infusion works:
- Antibacterial, which is why it works great not only from the inside, but also from the outside. Go ahead and use it as compresses for skin and nail fungus, for herpes and inflammation of the conjunctiva.
- Cleansing because it has diuretic properties. It helps to get rid of heavy metals that accumulate under the influence of polluted environment and food products.
- Anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal - does not allow bacteria to multiply in the body.
- It strengthens immunity and helps to cope with colds and persistent cough.
- Slows down the aging process thanks to the high content of antioxidants.
It protects against Lyme disease and its effects.
- Eliminates unpleasant odors of body secretions such as sweat.

For whom will the use of cistus be a perfect solution?
In fact, anyone can drink it. It does not contain stimulants contained in e.g. tea, so it can be given to young children, pregnant and lactating women. In the form of a cleansing tea in the leaves, it will serve those complaining about weakened immunity and its disorders, such as allergies. The mild-tasting infusion does not require breaks in use and cannot be overdosed.

How to properly brew it?
Leaves should be poured with boiling water and brewed under cover for 8-10 minutes. At first, you can use 1 teaspoon per cup, which is the same amount as for black tea. However, if you like it in this version, you can use a bit more of it. Cistus can be flooded with water several times.

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Very pleased with the Cistus tea I had ord...

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