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Wild Thyme / Breckland Thyme -

Wild Thyme / Breckland Thyme

Wild Thyme (Thymus serpyllum L.) is a plant with small, purple flowers and a beautiful fragrance. However, apart from the fact that it decorates balconies and gardens, some varieties of this popular plant are also an excellent herbal raw material used in several different ways.

Wild Thyme properties
Thyme herb contains essential oils with a strong disinfecting effect, which is why its infusion can be used both for drinking and for rinsing the mouth and on the skin. In addition, it also has tannins, which have an astringent effect on mucous membranes and relaxes smooth muscles, as well as mineral salts and organic compounds necessary for the proper functioning of the human body.

How does this plant help the body?
- facilitates expectoration and cleansing of the lungs and bronchi from deposits and excess mucus - thus supports the treatment of respiratory ailments, colds and flu, also soothes the so-called smoker's cough
- has a carminative effect, improves digestion, relaxes the muscles of the digestive system
- supports the treatment of bladder diseases
- strong antibacterial effect is worth using for oral hygiene - thyme herb can be used to prepare home mouth rinses, it will relieve gum disease and help maintain fresh breath
- reduces the pain of menstruation and helps fight female infections
- according to some sources and patients, thyme infusion is also helpful in combating migraine headaches
- baths with the addition of this herb not only have a good effect on skin problems, but also soothe and strengthen the nervous system
- There are many benefits that an inconspicuous thyme can bring. This herb is safe to use even if it is used often or in larger amounts.

How to use Wild Thyme herb?
This plant in the form of a warm infusion can be a godsend for people who often suffer from cough. In addition, thyme will work as a liquid for washing the skin with inflammation or for rinsing the mouth, as well as in the form of a bath additive.

Brewing method
Pour a tablespoon of thyme herb with boiling water and infuse covered for about 20 minutes. Drink fresh, strained infusion for a few days, and your well-being will improve and the symptoms will decrease.
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