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Women's issues

In this category, we have included herbs that affect the female economy of sex hormones, the functioning of the reproductive system and the health of intimate places.

Herbs for female hormones
Women's health is largely dependent on hormones, which is why balance in their economy is so important. When it is disturbed, a woman may experience mood swings and depression, decreased energy and libido, disturbances in the menstrual cycle, PMS, irregular sleep, abnormal appetite and weight gain. Acne and hair loss may occur. Post-menopausal women face the challenge of disrupting this economy naturally. Hormonal imbalance is also a part of many diseases, such as PCOS, hyperandrogenism, infertility, or hyperprolactinemia, but a slight imbalance can occur in each of us as a result of stress, overwork, fatigue, or a change of environment.

Some of the most obvious signs that something may be wrong with our hormones are irregular, too little or too much menstruation, and PMS. PMS may seem normal, but it's actually a symptom that needs to be addressed.

Estrogenic herbs
Herbs that regulate female hormones provide phytoestrogens, i.e. compounds that behave like female hormones in our body. Thanks to this, they help regulate menstruation, relieve pain associated with it, alleviate the symptoms of menopause and PMS. Here are the proposals, unfortunately only some of them are available in our offer:

Irregular menstruation - chasteberry, shatavari, diptam, lovage root, pfaffia, dong quai, white peony, inositol, black mallow.

Menstrual pain - silverweed, guelder rose, tansy, rue, verbena, motherwort, clary sage, white peony, yarrow, marigold, raspberry leaf, lady's mantle.

Heavy and long menstruation, excessive bleeding - capsella, cinquefoil, deadnettle, yarrow, lady's mantle.

PMS, menopause, mood swings, estrogen deficiency - chasteberry, maca, shatavari, alfalfa alfalfa, red clover, pfaffia, dong quai, white peony, Siberian motherwort, black mallow.

PCOS - inositol, saw palmetto, nettle root, gurmar, maitake mushroom.

Fertility and libido - chaste tree, shatavari, maca, pfaffia, iporuru, damiana, she chuang zi, inositol.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: choline bitartrate, magnesium, zinc - for proper fetal development. Raspberry leaf - for the last trimester to strengthen the muscles of the uterus. Nettle leaf - diuretic.

Lactation stimulation - verbena, shatavari, fenugreek, milk thistle, nettle leaf.

Reducing lactation - sage.

Herbs for intimate infections
Women's issues also include care for the health of intimate places. Intimate infections can be treated with herbs using sitz baths and drinking infusions. Cooled herbal infusions can also be used for daily care of intimate places.

Effective herbs for intimate infections include tansy, bird cherry bark, white nettle, oak bark and lady's mantle.

In the case of irritation and inflammation, sage, witch hazel and hemp agrimony will help

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