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Jasmine Petals Natural Confetti -

Jasmine Petals Natural Confetti


Natural Wedding Confetti - Jasmine Petals

This lovely Natural Confetti has been designed not only to look beautiful but will give you the best possible confetti shot. Our Biodegradable Confetti is without exception the best on the market. You will get an amazing shot with this beautiful confetti.

Only the highest quality very aromatic Jasmine! You can use them as confetti or make petal blend of your dreams with other petals and flowers offered in our store!

Every Confetti is 100% Biodegradable, Eco friendly, Completely Natural & Pretty!


Confetti is sent to you in a re - sealable bag which if kept in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, will keep for months, although we generally advise you to buy confetti 6-12 months in advance to reduce the risk of color fade.

Single litres are sold without cones and will serve approx 10 - 12 guests depending on your method of distribution.

Most of confetti cones hold 80 mls - 100mls. It may help to use the guide below (based on 80ml cones).

1 Litre = 12 Guests

2 Litre = 24 Guests

3 Litre = 36 Guests

4 Litre = 48 Guests

5 Litre = 60 Guests

6 Litre = 72 Guests

7 Litre = 84 Guests

8 Litre = 96 Guests

9 Litre = 108 Guests

10 Litre = 120 Guests


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Customer Reviews

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Great products

Great products

Great products

Great products

Love the light scent! Not overpowering at...

Love the light scent! Not overpowering at all. Just the color we wanted, off-white. Perfect confetti size for flower girl and send off. Looks so pretty mixed with dried eucalyptus leaves.

Giovanna Innella
Beautiful petals

Beautiful petals

Elisa Mattaloni
Spedizione veloce e sicura e oggetto esatt...

Spedizione veloce e sicura e oggetto esattamente come descritto.