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French Lavender -

French Lavender


We are delighted to offer our customers the finest quality French Lavender flowers available on the market. These fragrant and beautiful flowers have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, aromatherapy, and culinary arts.

French Lavender flowers are known for their delightful floral aroma and calming properties. They can be used in a variety of ways, such as in herbal tea blends, potpourri, soaps, and even culinary dishes. When added to dishes, they impart a subtle floral flavor that complements both sweet and savory dishes.

Aside from their culinary and aromatic uses, French Lavender flowers are also known for their impressive health benefits. They contain powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help soothe and relax the mind and body. They are also a popular choice for promoting restful sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, and supporting respiratory health.

To brew a cup of lavender tea, start by boiling fresh water. Add a teaspoon of dried French Lavender flowers to a tea infuser or teapot, and pour the hot water over it. Let it steep for 5-10 minutes, then remove the infuser or strain the tea into a cup. You can add a bit of honey or lemon juice for added sweetness and flavor.

French Lavender tea has a light and floral taste, making it a refreshing and relaxing drink. It is also a popular choice for promoting restful sleep and reducing stress and anxiety.

Our premium quality French Lavender flowers are perfect for adding to your favorite recipes or brewing a delicious and healthy cup of tea. Order now and experience the many benefits of this versatile and beneficial herb.

Standardized: lavender, French Lavender Other: common lavender
BOTANICAL NAME Lavandula stoechas Plant Family: Lamiaceae
Lavandula stoechas is the classic dried lavender that most people are familiar with. It can also be found on the market as Common Lavender, English Lavender (when it comes from England), French Lavender, or dried Lavender. You may also see it labeled as Lavandula officinalis. This little greyish purple flower is known for its sweet floral aroma and medicinal properties.
Dried Lavender is an aromatic perennial evergreen shrub. Its woody stems bear lavender or purple flowers from late spring to early autumn, although there are varieties with blossoms of white or pink. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean, but now cultivated in cool-winter, dry-summer areas in Europe and the Western United States. The use of Lavender goes back thousands of years, with the first recorded uses by the Egyptians during the mummification process. Both the Greeks and the Romans had many uses for it, the most popular being for bathing, cooking, as an ingredient in perfume, healing wounds, and as an insect repellant. Lavender was used as an after-bath perfume by the Romans, who gave the herb its name from the Latin lavare, to wash. During the Great Plague of 1665, grave robbers would wash their hands in a concoction called Four Thieves Vinegar, which contained lavender, wormwood, rue, sage, mint and rosemary, and vinegar; they rarely became infected. English folklore tells that a mixture of lavender, mugwort, chamomile, and rose petals will attract sprites, fairies, brownies, and elves.
Lavender flowers are approved by the German Commission E for promoting both a healthy mood and healthy circulation. The scent of lavender has shown to have positive effects on mood within certain adult populations and can help to alleviate mild feelings of agitation or distress.
As a spice, lavender is best known as an important aspect of French cuisine and is an integral ingredient in herbs de Provence seasoning blends. Lavender may be used on its own to give a delightful, floral flavor to desserts, meats, and breads. The flowers can also be layered within sugar to infuse it with its distinctive aroma for use in cookies and candies.
Similar to cilantro, some individuals perceive the taste of lavender in a manner that is undesirable within cuisine. An estimated 10% of the population interprets lavender to have a soapy and unsavory flavor. For this reason, it may be wise to exercise caution while using lavender as a flavoring agent.
Lavender has been thought for centuries to arouse passions as an aphrodisiac, and is still one of the most recognized scents in the world.
Essential oil containing borneol, camphor, geraniol, and linalool, also coumarins, caryophyllene, tannins, and other antioxidant compounds.

Teas, tinctures, and added to baked goods. Cosmetically it has a multitude of uses and can be included in ointments for pain and burn relief. French lavender is also used as ingredients in soaps, bath bombs, candles, potpourri, confetti, etc
Specific: No known precautions.

General: We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.
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This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease
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