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Calamus Root / Calamus Rhizoma -

Calamus Root / Calamus Rhizoma

Calamus rhizome (Calami Rhizoma) stimulates digestion, regulates intestinal and stomach function, and works on the muscles of the digestive tract. It soothes the nervous system and helps you fall asleep. They can be used for hair and skin care.
Sweet Flag comes from Asia and came to Europe around the 16th century. From its rhizomes, an oil with an unusual aroma is used for many years in perfumery and aromatherapy. Rhizome extracts are present in hair and scalp cosmetics. Formerly, rhizome pieces were chewed to refresh breath and alleviate toothache. Folk medicine used them in gastrointestinal ailments, such as bloating, abdominal pain and indigestion, as well as a miscarriage. Traditional Asian medicine has used rhizome preparations to improve memory, concentration and learning ability. North American Indians treated rhizome as a universal medicine for most ailments.
- Calami rhizoma has a positive effect on the nervous system: it helps to relax the mind and body, relieves nervous tension and anxiety, facilitates falling asleep
- Positively affects the digestive system: improves digestive processes by stimulating the secretion of enzymes and bile,
- it works on the stomach and intestines,
- Relieves mucosal irritations and promotes regular bowel function
- Beneficial for skin and mucous membranes
- Strengthens hair and improves its condition, adds volume and softness
- Takes care of scalp health
- In states of increased nervous tension
- Evening relaxation
- Digestive support
- Feeling heavy after a meal
- Poor appetite
- Hair and scalp care
- Mouth and throat rinsing
- Washing the skin as an antiseptic
- Relaxation baths
Calamus rhizome 100%. The highest quality raw material.
- As tea:
One - two teaspoons of rhizomes pour a glass of boiling water. Brew under cover for 15-30 minutes. Consume 2-3 glasses a day in portions of half a glass.
Other uses:
- Decoction for external use:
Pour two tablespoons of rhizomes over two glasses of water. Bring to a boil and cook for 2-3 minutes on low heat. Strain and cool. Decoction is suitable for washing hair and scalp and for rinsing the mouth and throat.
- Tincture: 1: 3
Alcohol 30-50%, macerate for a minimum of two weeks. Take 10-15 ml 1-2 times a day after diluting in water. The diluted tincture can also be used to rinse the mouth and throat, and undiluted to rub into the hair and scalp.
- Orally:
Calamus rhizome ground into powder. Take one flat teaspoon 2-3 times a day.
- Bath:
200-300 g calamus rhizome grind, pour 2L of cold water and set aside for 2 hours. Then boil the whole and after 5-10 minutes of cooking strain into a tub of warm water. Take a bath for 20-30 minutes without using soap or shampoo. The bath has a relaxing effect, has a positive effect on the skin, promotes wound healing, stimulates circulation and the removal of unnecessary waste products.
- Pregnancy and breast-feeding, hypersensitivity to the plant.
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Well packaged and the amount was fantastic...

Well packaged and the amount was fantastic! Herbs looked very colorful and not overly dried.