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Russian Caravan Black Tea -

Russian Caravan Black Tea


It is most classic blend with name Russian Caravan. The highest quality teas were used to create this mixture – Indian Assam, Ceylon and Yunnan Black tea blended with smoked Chinese Lapsang. Russian Caravan blend have characteristic taste and is described as an aromatic and full-bodied tea with a sweet, malty taste. Presents of smoked Lapsang gave to the blend this desired smoky taste.

Our Russian Caravan mix consist of Assam and Yunnan black tea which gives to the tea sweet and malty taste, Ceylon black tea make it light and floral, smoked Lapsang tea give this characteristic, smoky layer to the blend. Brewed tea is coppery to dark amber when longer brewed, aroma is very attractive with toasty notes. Flavour is full bodied, balanced and pleasantly nice.

Brewing tips:

Use 2 to 3 grams, 200 mills of water at around 95+ C degrees, 1 to 3 mins depend on preferences. 

All brewing tips is a guidance only. The best is experiment to find own way depend on preferences.

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