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Loose Leaf Tea

Discover the world of loose leaf tea with our selection of teas from around the world. From classic black teas to exotic herbal blends, we've got everything you need to brew the perfect cup. Whether you're a tea lover looking for a new flavor to try, or a beginner who's just starting to explore the world of tea, our loose leaf tea section is the perfect place to start.

Jade Eyes - Green Tea

Jade Eyes green tea is a premium Chinese tea that is highly regarded for its unique flavor and appearance. The tea is named after its vibrant green color and its...

From €11,09

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven - Green Tea

Gunpowder Temple of Heaven green tea is a high-quality Chinese tea that is named after its unique appearance - the tightly rolled tea leaves resemble small pellets of gunpowder. The...

From €4,29

Bancha Green Tea

Bancha is a type of green tea that is made from more mature tea leaves than other green teas. This gives it a unique flavor profile that is milder and...

From €4,52

Yue Guang Bai - White Moonlight

Experience the delicate and refreshing taste of Yue Guang Bai tea, a rare and prized white tea from China's Yunnan province. Made from the youngest leaves of the Camellia sinensis...

From €6,23

Silver Needle - White Tea

Indulge in the pure and delicate flavors of Silver Needle white tea, one of the most sought-after teas in the world. This rare tea is made from the unopened buds...

From €12,46

Dragon Well - Longjing Green Tea

Dragon Well (Longjing) green tea is a beloved Chinese tea with a long and storied history. It is produced in the Hangzhou region of China, using a traditional method that...

From €5,65

Mao Jian - Green Tea

Mao Jian green tea is a high-quality Chinese tea that is known for its distinctive flavor and aroma. This tea is made from young and tender tea leaves that are...

From €4,07

Dragon Pearls - Long Zhu Green - Green Tea

Dragon Pearls green tea is a highly prized tea that has been enjoyed in China for centuries. This tea gets its name from its unique shape, which consists of small...

From €5,65

Green Snail - Green Tea - Limited Quantity

Green Snail (Bi Luo Chun) green tea is a delicate and exquisite Chinese tea that is named after its unique appearance - the tightly rolled tea leaves resemble tiny green...

From €4,98

Jade Eyes Jasmine - Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine Jade Eyes green tea is a fragrant and delicate tea that combines the traditional Jade Eyes green tea with the sweet aroma of natural jasmine flowers. The result is...

From €11,32

Jade - Green Tea

Jade green tea is a high-quality Chinese green tea that is renowned for its refreshing taste and health benefits. The tea is grown in the mountainous regions of China, where...

From €4,52

Jasmine Beauty - Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Beauty green tea is a popular Chinese tea that combines the delicate and fragrant taste of jasmine flowers with the refreshing taste of green tea. The tea is made...

From €5,09