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Flowers & Petals

Decorate your home or add a touch of natural beauty to your gifts with our range of dried flowers and petals. From classic roses to more exotic blooms, our selection of dried flowers is perfect for adding to tea blends, bath soaks, and more. Whether you're looking for a way to brighten up your home, or you're searching for a unique gift for a friend, our dried flowers and petals section is the perfect place to start.

Butterfly Pea Flowers

Introducing dried Blue Butterfly Pea flowers, a stunning and versatile ingredient that should be a staple in any herbal collection. Native to Southeast Asia, these flowers have been used in...

From €2.26 EUR

Damask Rose Petals

Introducing dry Damask rose petals, a luxurious and versatile ingredient that can elevate your culinary creations, skincare routine, and tea experience. These fragrant and delicate petals are a staple in...

From €2.72 EUR

Edible Rose Petals

Introducing our premium quality Edible Dried Rose Petals, an exquisite ingredient that adds a touch of luxury to any dish. Our rose petals are carefully handpicked and dried to preserve...

From €3.16 EUR

Orange Blossom Petals

Orange Blossom Petals are a fragrant and visually stunning addition to any tea blend or culinary creation. These petals are harvested from the flowers of the orange tree and have...

From €3.16 EUR

Peony Petals

Peony petals are a luxurious and beautiful addition to any tea collection. These delicate, soft pink petals are harvested from the peony flower and have a sweet, floral aroma that...

From €2.26 EUR

Rose Petals

Rose petals are one of the most beloved and recognizable flowers in the world. Their soft and delicate fragrance, along with their beauty and symbolism, has made them a favorite...

From €1.91 EUR

Peony Buds

Peony buds are a delicate and exotic addition to any tea collection. These small, tightly closed buds are harvested from the peony flower and have a subtle, floral aroma that...

From €2.26 EUR