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Gourmet Salts

Elevate your cooking with our collection of gourmet salts. From traditional options like himalayan salt to specialty options like Hawaiian black lava salt and alaea, find the perfect finishing touch for any dish

Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt

Hawaiian Alaea Red Salt is a traditional Hawaiian sea salt that has been blended with alaea clay, a volcanic clay that gives the salt its distinctive red color and unique...

From €3.96 EUR

Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Salt

Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Salt is a unique and flavorful sea salt that is infused with bamboo leaf extract and green tea, giving it a distinctive green color and a fresh,...

From €3.96 EUR

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt

Hawaiian Black Lava Salt is a unique and visually striking sea salt that is harvested from the pristine waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands. This salt gets its distinctive black color...

From €3.96 EUR